Business Strategy

Our business strategy is predicated on our ability to allocate capital effectively to enhance value for our stockholders. This strategy focuses on enhancing our position in the motion picture exhibition industry by capitalizing on prudent industry consolidation and partnership opportunities, managing, expanding and upgrading our existing asset base with new technologies and customer amenities and realizing selective growth opportunities through new theatre construction. Our business strategy should enable us to continue to produce the free cash flow necessary to maintain a prudent allocation of our capital among dividend payments, debt service and repayment and investment in our theatre assets, all to provide meaningful value to our stockholders. Key elements of our business strategy include:

Maximizing Stockholder Value

We believe that our cash dividends are an efficient means of distributing value to our stockholders. From our initial public offering ("IPO") in May 2002 through December 31, 2016, we have returned approximately $4.2 billion to our stockholders in the form of quarterly and extraordinary cash dividends.  During our most recent five year period, we returned approximately $1.0 billion to our stockholders in quarterly and extraordinary cash dividends.

Pursuing Prudent Acquisitions and Maximizing Strategic Partnerships
We believe that our acquisition experience and capital structure position us well to take advantage of future acquisition opportunities and to participate in various partnership initiatives. We intend to selectively pursue accretive theatre acquisitions and theatre-related investments that enhance and more fully utilize our asset base to improve our consolidated operating results and free cash flow.

With respect to partnership initiatives, we own approximately 17.9% of National CineMedia, LLC ("National CineMedia" or "NCM") as of March 31, 2017. National CineMedia operates the largest digital in-theatre advertising network in North America and focuses on in-theatre advertising for its theatrical exhibition partners, which includes us, AMC Entertainment, Inc. ("AMC"), and Cinemark, Inc. ("Cinemark"). See "National CineMedia Joint Venture" under Part I, Item I of our Form 10-K for further discussion of National CineMedia. We also participate in other joint ventures and partnerships such as Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC ("DCIP"), Open Road Films, AC JV, LLC ("AC JV"), Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition ("DCDC") and Atom Tickets, LLC ("Atom Tickets"), which are also further discussed under Part I, Item I of our Form 10-K. We believe our investment in National CineMedia and other joint venture arrangements generate incremental value for our stockholders.
Pursuing Premium Experience Opportunities

We continue to embrace innovative concepts that generate incremental revenue and cash flows for the Company and deliver a premium movie-going experience for our customers on several complementary fronts:

  • First, we continued to improve customer amenities, primarily through the installation of luxury reclining seats. With respect to our luxury reclining seating initiative, as of March 31, 2017, we offered luxury reclining seating in 1,500 auditoriums at 123 theatre locations. We expect to install luxury reclining seating in approximately 40-45 locations during 2017 and expect to outfit approximately 45% of the total screens in our circuit by the end of 2019.  The costs of these conversions in some cases are partially covered by investments from our theatre landlords.
  • Second, to address consumer trends and customer preferences, we have continued to expand our menu of food and alcoholic beverage products to an increasing number of attendees. The enhancement of our food and alcoholic beverage offerings has had a positive effect on our operating results, and we expect to continue to invest in such offerings in our theatres.  As of March 31, 2017, we offered an expanded menu of food in 231 locations (reaching 55% of our Q1 2017 Period attendees) and alcoholic beverages in 156 locations (reaching 31% of our Q1 2017 Period attendees), and we expect to offer an expanded menu of food in approximately 270 locations and alcoholic beverages in approximately 215 locations by the end of 2017.
  • Third, we continued to implement various customer engagement initiatives aimed at delivering a premium movie-going experience for our customers in order to better compete for patrons and build brand loyalty.  For example, we maintain a frequent moviegoer loyalty program, named the Regal Crown Club®, to actively engage our core customers. Regal Crown Club® members are eligible for specified awards, such as concession items, based on purchases made at our theatres. During 2016, we completed the national rollout of the new Regal Crown Club®. Members of the enhanced program can earn unlimited credits and can redeem such credits for movie tickets, concession items and movie memorabilia at the theatre or in an online reward center where members can select the rewards of their choice. We believe these changes allow us to offer more relevant offers to our members and increase customer engagement in the program.  As of March 31, 2017, we had approximately 12 million active members in the Regal Crown Club®, making it the largest loyalty program in our industry.
  • In addition, we continued to develop and enhance other customer engagement initiatives such as mobile ticketing applications, internet ticketing, social media and other marketing initiatives. For example, we have improved the customer experience by expanding our ability to sell tickets remotely via our mobile ticketing application, which was officially launched in the Q1 2017 Period, and through our internet ticketing partners such as and Atom Tickets. Customers can choose their preferred ticketing option, which in many cases means they can pre-purchase tickets, scan their mobile device and proceed directly to their reserved seat without waiting in line. In addition to providing customers the ability to pre-purchase tickets, our mobile ticketing application provides customers the ability to find films, movie information, showtimes, track Regal Crown Club® credits and receive special offers from Regal. Finally, our newest ticketing partner, Atom Tickets, provides our patrons the ability to bypass concession stand lines by pre-purchasing concession items via their mobile device. We believe these technologies provide a platform for delivering a quality customer experience and will drive incremental revenues and cash flows in a cost-effective manner.
  • We believe the continued rollout of premium amenities such as luxury reclining seating, a wider array of food and alcoholic beverage offerings allows us to deliver a premium movie-going experience for a majority of our customers. We believe this strategy will enable us to better compete for patrons and build brand loyalty, which will provide us the opportunity for incremental revenue and cash flows.

Pursuing Selective Growth Opportunities and Active Asset Management

We intend to selectively pursue expansion opportunities through new theatre construction, expansion and upgrades that meet our strategic and financial return criteria. Additionally, we manage our asset base by opportunistically closing underperforming theatres. We continued to actively manage our asset base during the Q1 2017 period by opening two theatres with 26 screens and closing four theatres with 31 screens, ending the Q1 2017 period with 559 theatres and 7,262 screens.

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